Smart Manufacturing by Siris
Total control. End to end.

A packaged solution for Manufacturers

Smart Manufacturing by Siris is a fully integrated manufacturing solution, delivered in the cloud, including a new generation of analytics and business intelligence.

Digital Disruption is revolutionising the Manufacturing Sector

One of the biggest changes will be the massive shift in the way that manufacturers interact with clients. But disruption will also affect business models, talent acquisition, and revenue streams.

To survive, leaders in the manufacturing sector must embrace disruption and introduce new models, in order to transform.

Siris offers a clear growth path for manufacturing companies that want to embrace digital transformation, to become more customer-centric, agile and grow.

Smart Manufacturing by Siris leverages the power of SAP cloud services, to provide a comprehensive, fully integrated business management solution.

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An SAP Silver Partner, Siris has decades of experience, with uncommon insight and understanding of how your manufacturing business works.

SAP Enables Manufacturing Firms to Become Intelligent Enterprises

Smart Manufacturing by Siris is a comprehensive, fully integrated business management solution, delivered in the cloud, with a new generation of business intelligence.

Manufacturing companies face new challenges and opportunities related to a rapidly changing business environment. With Smart Manufacturing by Siris, our customers can take advantage of a modern, intuitive user experience.

• Maximize sales and profitability
• Optimize production & stock control
• Improve planning and forecasting
• Improve reporting and decision making
• Enable a mobile workforce
• Automate and integrate business processes (finance, procurement, production, logistics, HR)

Liberate your manufacturing firm’s potential

Smart Manufacturing by Siris is a cloud-based Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) solution that delivers integrated and insight-driven business processes for mid-size companies. The solution includes a complete ERP suite and powerful analytics with standard connections to multiple applications, if required.

Smart Manufacturing by Siris is a single experience for data management and decision making that allows users to analyze, visualize and report, all in one place. This gives everyone the power to find new insights and take action, whether in front of the customer or in the boardroom.

Smart Manufacturing by Siris customers can use an integrated approach to adapt and extend the business objects and processes. Every adaptation is made available via key user tools for analytical data sources, reports and KPIs.

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