Logistics for Growth
On-Premise Solutions — integrate your entire supply and production chain for better business returns.

Logistics for Growth

On-Premise Solutions - Integrate your entire supply and production chain for better business returns.


Integrate your entire supply and production chain. From procurement, inventory and warehouse management, to every aspect of manufacturing, quality management and Enterprise Asset Management.

SAP modules are built to integrate with each other: Materials Management, Warehouse Management, Production, Quality and Sales modules seamlessly collaborate to provide either a ‘big-picture’, or a fine-grained, view of your business.

Materials Management

  • The SAP Materials Management module automates the planning and procurement for you inventory. Individual products are tracked throughout the supply chain at an individual product level. Monitor every aspect on a per-item, or batch level, including warranty, service, expiry dates and movement/location.
  • SAP systems monitor in real time, so reports are not a weekly or monthly event — reporting is online, and instantaneous. You have access to the quantity and cost data you need to run your business at all times.

Warehouse Management

  • SAP’s Warehouse Management or Extended Warehouse Management modules manage detailed processes within  your warehouses, including inbound and outbound movements.
  • Optimise stock and space utilisation across all your environments.
  • Go mobile with SAP’s native mobile solutions. Your cellphone or tablet can be a secure gateway to your warehouse data even while you’re on the move.

Production and Quality Management

  • Gain real-time insight into your production department with analysis to understand the exact cost of production and variances that occur during manufacturing, and monitor performance against key performance indicators.
  • SAP’s Quality Management module keeps track of the quality and shelf life of your products from procurement and initial receipt, throughout manufacturing, up until the sale and tracking of product to customers where required.

Plant Maintenance

  • Maximise the uptime, safety and efficiency of your plant by planning and scheduling maintenance, and optimise your spare part stocking and reordering against maintenance schedules to make sure you never run out of critical spare parts with SAP’s Plant Maintenance module.

Sales & Distribution

  • Effectively engage your customers according to how your market is organised with SAP’s Sales and Distribution module. Streamline order capture with automated pricing and centralised customer information, minimising manual intervention and increasing ordering accuracy.
  • Customer demand is transferred automatically to production and procurement to ensure high order fill rates.
  • Use SAP’s Logistics Execution module to plan and execute the delivery of customer orders to maximise route and load efficiency and shipment costing.
  • Route and load information contained in your customer deliveries provides the information to calculate shipment costs, giving you full visibility of the shipping process and enabling you to engage effectively with your transport network and control your shipping costs.

Transform your extended supply chain to place the customer at the center of value, deliver personalized demand for individual customers, collaborate with business partners for innovative products, and maximize scarce resources — so you can achieve increased responsiveness, efficiency, and competitive advantage.

Finance for Growth
Track costs. Forecast budgets. Monitor every aspect of cash flow and accounts, with robust, best practice software.

Collaborative Finance Operations

Optimise Shared Services delivery by:

  • automating receivables and payables processing
  • automating electronic payments and bank statement reconciliations
  • managing the full lifecycle of fixed assets
  • streamlining travel and expense management
  • integrating dispute, collections and credit management

Increase productivity and reduce risks using rules-based “engines” and machine learning. Ensure compliance using workflows and secure bank integration.

Accounting and Financial Close

Transact and report in multiple currencies using operational, group and country-specific charts of accounts. Report according to multiple accounting standards using parallel ledgers.  

Generate operational income statements and balance sheets by profit centre and segment. Schedule and track month-end close with the Financial Closing Cockpit.

Financial Planning and Analysis

Obtain real-time insights from a single, unified data model, powered by SAP’s in-memory HANA database. Analyse revenue and costs by market and organisation segments. Drill-down to supply chain, production and sales documents.

Plan and manage costs using cost centres, service orders, production orders and maintenance orders.

Use driver-based planning models to perform “what-if” analysis and scenario planning via Excel, PowerPoint and web user interfaces.

Investment and Project Management

Manage plans and spend limits for investment programs in a flexible hierarchical structure. Integrate investment programs with projects and maintenance orders. Collect plan and actual costs for projects and perform top-down distribution of spend limits.

Treasury and Financial Risk Management

Manage SAP and non-SAP bank accounts, automate liquidity forecasting and perform longer term liquidity planning. Get real-time visibility of currency exposures.

The Financial Services Industry is on the move, facing complexities that need to be dealt with. SAP takes the complexity out of serving empowered customers, managing finance, risk and compliance, and modernizing legacy technology.

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Integrate Everywhere
Data is the lifeblood of your business. Siris integrates for B2B cross-platform data exchange, and designs bespoke apps and systems.

B2B Integration

Using global industry standards for Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) and messaging formats, SAP easily enables the automated electronic communication between trading partners regardless of which system they use.

Process Orchestration and Data Integration

Integrate business processes across SAP and other systems using synchronous or asynchronous web services in SAP Process Orchestration. SAP PO provides monitoring, diagnostic and re-processing functions to ensure the integrity of interfaces.

Extract, transform and load SAP and non-SAP data using SAP Data Services. Data Services allows the user to create a graphical representation of the ETL process, with drill-down into technical detail (table joins, field attributes, etc.)

Access Controls and Authorisations

SAP’s security module gives you full control over users’ access to transactions and the organisational elements so that you can manage the risk and segregation of duties within your business, and restrict users to the activities that they require in order to perform their job function. To facilitate this, authorisations can be linked to the job functions defined in the SAP Human Capital Management module.

Manage user permissions via Roles and Authorisation profiles in the transaction processing or analytical processing system.

The authorisation system provides further flexibility by allowing you to design custom authorization objects, and to incorporate the standard authorization components into your custom developments.

Customer behavior has placed business-to-business (B2B) companies under heavy pressure to offer their customers and employees robust e-commerce capabilities on easy-to-use platforms; that deliver a high level of personalization and an intuitive interface.

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